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Dear Friend

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Are you totally happy with the women in your life?

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Feelings of inadequacy … of being totally uncomfortable around the very women you are MOST attracted to .. are the WORST feelings a man can feel.

The worst part is, when you’re lonely, and you don’t understand why, you begin to blame yourself.

It’s time to STOP BLAMING YOURSELF and take the next step.

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  • “Be yourself” means — don’t be that nervous fool desperate to compliment a girl he doesn’t even know.
  • “Be yourself” means — don’t adopt some phoney “player persona” the million-dollar seduction industry want to sell you.
  • “Be yourself” means — be the way you are around your best friends, (with SOME important differences) and you’ll attract the type of women you’ll like best.

This “magic concept” works if you’re handsome, rich, and confident with women … or if you’re the “40 year old virgin” living alone in your parents’ basement, with ZERO confidence and a history of “bad relationships”.

Here’s the best part.

This mind-bending way to attract women works WHILE you’re having fun.

No stressful approaches. No weird “out of your comfort zone” activities.

This is unlike ANY dating advice, pick-up “system”, or seduction manual you have ever seen…

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How I turned a “nerdy hobby” of mine into a sexy turn-on for hot women. (Yes, you read this right. You CAN be a total “geek” and get laid. I’ll show you how to do it.)

Why putting on clothes “to get laid” is counter-productive and stupid. I’ll give you the real deal when it comes to fashion that attracts women instantly.

How to compliment a woman so that she beams with happiness, rather than runs for the “Exit”. (There is a creepy way to compliment and there is a smooth way to compliment. I’ll tell you which is which.)

3 easy ways to tease a woman that gets her TURNED ON. If she’s not pulling off your pants after using these tips, just write me an email and I’ll refund your money! (Seriously!)

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This 55 page e-book will arm you with the exact strategies needed to get things moving to the next stage with women after you have their phone number. It covers everything from the first phone call, how to get her out on a date with you and how to get past any rejections. It covers the entire format for the first date. This is how to get a girlfriend fast.

By following this carefully structured format you’re virtually guaranteed to succeed with her because you’ve continued to build sexual tension via following the carefully laid out strategies that explain exactly what to say to women throughout a first date. The Coffee Date is definitely a ‘must have’, for anyone who is dating a new girl and wondering about how to get a girl to like you.


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This 52 page e-book is sure to put your entire game on steroids. Packed full of seduction secrets this e-book is a guide to picking up women. It also covers first date rules like what not to do on a first date. It contains a complete guide on how to flirt with women and is also loaded with first date tips for men.

Seduction Secrets is definitely not your average ‘how to pick up girls book’. Make it easy for yourself to seduce the women you desire by reading this e-book. Then use the ‘Coffee Date’ to learn about how to act on a first date and expose all the first date secrets so you know what to do on a first date.


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This 150 page e-book exposes secrets of seduction which explain exactly how to get a girl to like you. This guide makes it easy to pick up girls because you’ll learn exactly what to say to a girl you like, how to flirt with a woman and how to get a girl to notice you.

Learn how attraction really works for women and why it’s the best news for us not so handsome guys. It reveals the truth about a woman’s sexuality and how women test men…and more importantly, how to deal with it. How to act on a first date and all the first date rules will be in your dating arsenal.


Super Bonus # 4

This 84 page E-book goes the extra mile by relaying all of the secrets in one easy-to-understand checklist. It contains 33 rules dedicated towards developing the inner workings of your mind, improving your conversation skills, and honing your overall success with women.

Make a habit out of reading this material daily, and you’ll become a Master Seductor in no time. This is a must-have E-book that you can use to easily boost your seduction skills and start developing yourself on a personal level immediately. It’s another great bonus and will make your job of picking up girls much easier.


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This 120 page e-book will sky rocket your self confidence and teach you how to be the man that women want. It will teach you how to eliminate your approach anxiety and how to overcome your fear of rejection. Learn what women want and how you can overcome your sticking points. This e-book makes it easy to learn what to say to a girl you like.

Lean how to correctly start conversations and what to do on a first date. How to approach groups of women whilst demonstrating strong and confident body language. How to be the alpha male and the secret catch and release technique. Learn what women want and how to get dates. Attraction mastery is how you get a girlfriend fast…


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This 26 page e-book will teach you the secrets on how to flirt with a woman successfully online. The quality of women on sites such as Facebook and Myspace are much higher than the usual online dating sites. This guide will instruct you how to take full advantage of the masses of beautiful women on these social sites.

Learn the hidden secrets of seduction used for building profiles that will actually attract women and learn about all the mistakes not to make too. Become a pro at sending attractive messages that actually demand responses from beautiful women. Be warned…you may never want to leave the house again once you master these online pick-up techniques…







Super Bonus # 7

This 30 page e-book will reveal the 5 golden rules for text messaging women. Learn when to text her and what to text her. Learn what you should text to ensure your chances of seducing her go through the roof. Take full advantage of the 12 sample texts to put your text game on steroids.

Learn precisely how to flirt with a woman via text and the secrets involved with mass texting. Know what to say to a girl you like when texting her. Using these secrets of seduction in your text messages is exactly how to get a girl to notice you. You’d be a fool to send a text message to her without reading this report first…


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This 71 page e-book is a guide to picking up women and all about having bullet proof methods for interacting with women in any situation. Whether you’re trying to get her phone number, bring her back to your place, or learn about what to do on a first date.

Have the confidence to operate without anxiety or fear and begin to use your knowledge of female psychology to penetrate their defenses and crack the secret code to their hearts. Posses the ability to attract women and succeed with them on your own terms. An excellent guide to picking up women which is packed full of tips making your job of seducing women easier.


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This 39 page e-book is full of great tips and techniques to help you master the art of meeting, dating and seducing beautiful women. This report is meant to help the average guy get started learning everything he needs to know to have ultimate success and power with women.

With this Crash Course you will learn all of the basic concepts that you’ll need to know to be very successful at attracting and seducing beautiful women. Make your job of attracting the woman of your desires a whole lot easier by getting hold of this e-book.


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